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Our mission is to help rebuild, restore, and recreate communities of color inspiring cultural confidence. Follow the link to learn more!


BLACK MONARCHY is a black-owned, global artisan and fashion lifestyle brand that promotes cultural confidence through Luxury African and African inspired fashion. 


Black Monarchy Couture Meets the Runway

NYFW 2022: NYCLIVE! @ Fashion Week

Black Monarchy is featured in February 2022 NYFW with the production NYCLIVE@... 

Our Philosophy

Taking up unapologetic space as a black and brown person is revolutionary. Here at Black Monarchy, we give our customers permission to do so. Our brand supports and encourages cultural confidence. We create bespoke, custom and couture pieces made of 100% authentic fabric sourced from Africa (Ghana, Congo, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal and counting.) We curate the vividness of cultural clothing and jewelry made of raw authentic materials and authentic fabrics that recreate the conglomerate of our world. These pieces have diverse origins from India, Africa, America, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand and many more. Fashion has always been our personal form of expression that transcends all racial or societal constructed barriers. We are the Monarchy.

About Us

Join us as we support our community

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, on the East Side of Buffalo, the community became victims of domestic terrorism. A white supremacist took the lives of 10 of our community elders and injured three others in a planned racially motivated attack at the sole Tops Grocery Market in the neighborhood. Our community is both enraged and heartbroken. We mourn with them and have begun to respond to their needs actively. In response to the many calls we've received in light of this, we have joined in solidarity with several organizations to provide support.

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