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Black Monarchy Foundation Incorporated

Who are we?

The Black Monarchy Foundation is a 501 c3 organization that seeks to assist underserved populations, teaching wholeness and wellness through the mediums of activism, advocacy, fashion, conversation and philanthropy. Our goal is to provide access and allyship to disenfranchised communities and to empower others to do the same. We do this in several aspects through providing Mentorship, and Internships for Students of Color, our Black Monarchy Scholarship for first generation graduates and first generation American students, our IamPhyNomenal Entrepreneurial series teaching small busines owners how to effectively run a small business and garner the necessary funding to sustain these efforts, our Hiring Programs of refugee and immigrants providing access and skills, Fair-trade with our international relations and advocacy, and year round access to clean clothing, free food, community service for our Homeless Populations culminating in a celebration called Alabaster Box. We are crowdfunding to have WNY’s first mobile homeless unit equipped with shower capabilities and electricity to continue to provide free haircuts, showers and wellness needs for this special population. Study show, homeless shelters and those who experience homelessness are overwhelmingly people who are Black and Brown and we want to effectively begin addressing this.


To critically engage and uplift disenfranchised communities by providing resources, and creating agency for men, women and children locally and abroad. We are dedicated to impacting local communities through providing sustainable access to funding, education and skills to those in need of the Black, Brown, Immigrant, Refugee and homeless populations.


To effectively implement, tools,best practices, provide resources and working opportunities to special populations to eradicate poverty, inequity and racial discrimination impacting impoverished communities.


We value human dignity and fight eagerly to make sure each person has a right to life, liberty and justice and the freedom autonomy to experience each.

Our Five Monarch Principles

  • Activism
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Healing
  • Access to resources
  • Restorative Justice

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Alabaster Box

Our Annual Alabaster Box event, services over 150-200 displaced guests. Featured at our first event, our sponsor Sergio Brown, #38 NFL Buffalo Bills (right corner)


Restore, Replenish, Redress

Alabaster Box is our annual Homeless Outreach Event catering to the displaced members of the Buffalo Community. To date we have served over 550+ individuals with free resources including but not limited to food, sponsored by small and large corporations throughout the city, new and very gently worn clothing, haircuts, manicures, blessing bags filled with toiletries and basic hygienic needs. We also provide veteran services, shelter information, medical and health care assistance and more.

Our next task is to secure a mobile unit, such as a bus, that will enable us to run Alabaster Box and its services year round. This unit will have electricity , running water/ ability to use running water to provide showers for our guests, and appropriate storage for food and clothing.

For more information about Alabaster Box email us at