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Gracefully Green

Gracefully Green

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Black Monarchy prides itself as an ethical and conscious brand where fashion is our medium of connectivity. In these uncertain times, we are including handmade ankara face masks to our collection.

These washable masks are light weight made with a variety of Ankara fabric, covering both nose and mouth. The elastic bands on the sides aid in a snug fit and mirror hospital like tension. The interior is layered with breathable fabric for a comfortable wear. Should be hand washed in hot water frequently if worn daily. Hang dry. Masks are made in a variety of african fabric selections. Each purchase allows us to donate another to communities near to our mission: refugee and those experiencing homelessness.

There are wellness benefits in wearing the Monarch Face Masks. The fashion item* comes with the below benefits:

  • Masks are mandatory in many areas across the nation

  • Safety layer for personal hygiene and protection

  • Prevents touching of nose and mouth

  • Reduces direct contact with face

  • Breathable with comfortability

  • Assists with sensitivity to dust and smoke and pollution, especially those with sensitive sinuses

*Disclaimer : It is important to note that these are NOT surgical/medical masks that prevent one from contracting the coronavirus, but rather aid in limiting the spread as one is unable to directly touch the areas on the face most susceptible to the virus. Additionally one’s own sinus sensitivity may be insulated by any mask wearing. *Surgical/medical masks are recommended for medical professionals and those who test positively for the coronavirus.

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